How to Maintain a Metal Roof 

Metal roofs can last for about 50 years if they are well-maintained and properly installed. Your metal roof needs regular maintenance in order to continue performing its best. While metal roofs are known for being easy to maintain overall, it is essential to keep up with inspections and to keep your roof clean to prevent potential leaks.

If your metal roof is nearing the end of its service life, it is also essential to work with a professional roofing company to ensure that your roof gets the care it needs.

1. Inspect Your Metal Roof Regularly

Perform annual inspections of your metal roof. You can inspect your roof from the ground, but if you need to get on the roof, call a professional roofing company. During the inspections, look for:

  • Corrosion
  • Sagging areas
  • Debris
  • Damaged or cracked flashing

If your roof shows any of these signs of distress, contact a roofing company to manage the repairs.

2. Clear Debris From Your Roof

Clear debris from your roof following rain or wind storms. Look for twigs, leaves, broken branches, and other forms of debris. Contact the pros if your roof needs to be cleaned following a storm.

Professional roofing companies will have special tools and protective equipment to prevent falls and other workplace injuries. If you try to do the work without this protective equipment, you could be placing yourself at risk.

3. Keep Your Gutters Clear

Clean gutters are important for maintaining the integrity of your roof. Gutters help transport water away from your home. This is especially important in winter when freezing temperatures can cause ice dams and clogs.

Get your gutters cleaned every fall and, if needed, in the spring as well. If you notice your gutters overflowing, have this addressed by a gutter cleaning professional.

4. Prune Away Overhanging Branches

Overhanging branches can fall on your metal roof and could cause damage. Have your trees pruned by an arborist, contractor, or landscaper. Avoid pruning large branches yourself, especially if there’s some concern that the branches could fall on your roof, on another person, or a nearby structure.

Monitor the growth of your trees to keep up with pruning. Some trees need to be regularly pruned to cut back growth.

5. Know the Signs of a Roof Leak

If your roof begins to leak, it’s essential to have this problem addressed by a roofing contractor as soon as possible. Know the signs of a leak so you can get this problem fixed ASAP. Signs of a leak include:

  • Brown spots on your ceiling or walls
  • Wet areas on the floor of your home
  • Mold or mildew growing on your home’s walls and ceiling
  • High humidity in your house

Sometimes, a pest infestation originating in the attic can also be a sign of a roof leak because a leaking roof can lead to wood rot and points of entry for animals.

6. Get Help From the Professionals When You Need Repair

As a homeowner in Longview, TX, storms and other weather events can take a toll on your metal roof. Having a reliable and experienced roofing contractor like Roof Care by your side is vital to assess any damage and guide you through the insurance process. Our goal is not only to repair or replace your roof but also to ensure the structural integrity of your home for years to come. Contact our Longview, TX, team at 903-399-5403 for all your residential roofing needs. We can provide you with a free estimate so you know exactly what to expect. Trust us, as we have your best interest at heart.