4 Signs That It’s Time for a New Roof

new roof

If you’ve been in your home for a while, it may be time for some repairs and improvements. One of those may be a new roof. While roofs typically last for years and often for decades, you want to make sure they get replaced before they start leaking and causing other serious problems with your home. Along with age, a roof may need to be replaced if it has been damaged by a storm or if you simply want to have a different kind of roofing material. Here are four of the biggest signs that it’s time for a new roof.

1. You’re Experiencing Leaks in Your Home

Leaks in your home are one of the biggest indications that there’s a problem with your roof. While it’s often possible to patch a small leak, that’s usually a temporary measure. Once your roof has deteriorated to the point that you’re dealing with leaks inside your house, it’s important to have your roof carefully assessed. Then, you can decide whether or not a new roof is the right choice. If there are significant problems, especially on an aging roof, replacement is typically the best choice.

2. Your Shingles Are Coming Off

Shingles that are coming off, breaking, missing pieces, or curling up at the corners can also indicate that you need a new roof. When shingles are first installed, they lay flat, and they’re very even and uniform. Over time, though, they can start to break down. When considering the heat and sunshine in Texas, your roof should be able to handle a lot.

3. Your Roof Is 20+ Years Old

Older roofs need replacement. If you have a shingle roof that’s 20 or 30 years old, getting a new roof before you start experiencing leaks and other problems is the best option. Some roofs, such as metal or tile, don’t have the same replacement schedule, but no roofing material lasts forever. An assessment from a professional can help you make the right decision.

4. You’re Finding Granules in Your Gutters

Finding granules in your gutters means that the coating protecting your shingles is coming off. Older shingles will “shed” these granules much more than newer ones, so this is partially an issue with the age of your roof. However, even a newer roof can have a problem, especially after a severe storm, so checking the gutters can give you valuable information.

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